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Finding Inspirational Women Across the World

We welcome the opportunity for you to join us at our conference tour. Take time to read over our guest speaker sponsor requirements. View our upcoming conference tour dates and schedule here


Submission Details


Follow the Women With Purpose Tour on all of our social media platforms.


View and complete the preliminary questionnaire.     


Preview and select one of our sponsorship packages. 


You're all set, we'll see you on tour! Submit questions here. 

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Guest Speaker Benefit Packages

Thank you for being so interested in our conference tour—a conference tour for women in business. Our mission is to build a platform that allows more women in business to transcend into leadership and ownership roles. We are delighted to invite YOU to be one of our featured sponsored speakers for our upcoming Women With Purpose Tour.


We have been organizing these events since 2021. The conference tour is part of a large-scale event to showcase our brands, sponsors, and affiliates. With each conference, we grow in notability and attendance. Not only do we put together a diverse crowd but a broader network of connections to consumers with increasing action and building community relations. 


As a small business, we seek support from entrepreneurs such as yourself to help in putting together the Women With Purpose Tour. 

Take a look at our detailed description of the sponsorship benefits. We look forward to a positive response from you and hope to see YOU on the next conference tour.

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