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The Women with Purpose Tour is more than just a conference – it's a powerful experience to connect and learn from amazing women leaders. By contributing today, you'll have the opportunity to join a supportive community of inspiring women who are passionate about making an impact.

Guest Speaker Contribution Benefit Packages

  • Women With Purpose Tour may advertise before, during, and post the duration of the guest speaker participation. Advertising includes tv ads, radio ads, billboards, podcasts, magazines, digital ads, and other media advertising.

    For legal reasons, if you do not want your picture or video taken, we ask that you do not participate as a guest speaker. We hope that you understand!

    The guest speaker understands that there will be no future payments received, no royalties, and no monetary payouts. 

    By becoming a guest speaker, you give Women With Purpose Tour the right to use or reproduce any or all such advertising, videos, and photos for the benefit of the tour.