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Vendor Contract

Fees & Cancellation

The vendor shall pay the total fees set forth below to obtain a vendor seat at The Women With Purpose Tour. Each vendor seat is sold separately. All amounts due are NON-REFUNDABLE under this agreement and are unconditional obligations of the Vendor. If the event cancels, Women With Purpose Tour may only put fees for Vendor agreement toward a future event within a 12-month time frame. If the Women With Purpose Tour cancels from unforeseen natural disasters and/or venue conflict, in which case the Vendor will be fully refunded.  

Photo Release 

The Vendor grants permission and consent to Images You Can Hold Photography for the use of any photographs taken at the event taken by Hidden Images or any business hired, for presentation under any legal condition, including but not limited to publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, and web content. The client understands that there will be no payment for this release. The client understands that no royalty, fee, or other compensation shall become payable to them by reason of such use.

Women With

Purpose Tour Policy

The vendor shall conduct business in the best interest of all participants and agree to comply with all reasonable requests of the Women With Purpose Tour. First come first serve set up. No additional space is permitted. Must provide your own 6ft table and no more than 2 chairs. 
Vendors will provide their own table cloths and are not allowed to bring in additional tables and/or chairs. No music at tables and all standing banners must be behind your table. Clothing vendors are permitted only one rack and one free-standing mannequin.

Termination of Contract & Modifications

The Contract ends upon event completion unless one of the parties ends the contract before that time. If the Vendor chooses to end the contract prior to event completion, the Vendor is not entitled to his or her money back. 

The Vendor and Women With Purpose Tour must agree to any changes to this contract in writing or by email form only. No modifications will be accepted via text or verbally. Written modifications only to be agreed upon by both parties involved. 

Set up & Removal

Vendor may only set up during time(s) specified by Women With Purpose Tour. No late arrivals are allowed. Setup must be completed one-hour prior to the event start time. Permission to set up after event start time will be denied to all Vendors unless prior arrangements have been litigated 48 hours before the Event. The vendor agrees not to break down the setup until the show closes. All areas for setup must be left clean of trash and any damage must be reported to the Women With Purpose Tour (Sabrena Ford) immediately.  

Soliciting &


Vendors are NOT ALLOWED to sell any items not previously agreed upon or registered. All vendors ARE ALLOWED to promote their business and all entities pertaining to it. Promote your business prior to the Event on Facebook at Women With Purpose Tour.


Advertising Rules

We ask that any pictures or videos taken during the event that are posted online have the hashtag



Follow us on all social media platforms at @womenwithpurposetour

No false advertising 

Women in Black Shirts

Empowering Women Worldwide: The Women With Purpose Tour

September 17, 2023
Houston, TX

Vendor Information

The Women with Purpose Tour invites you to join us on an exciting journey of self-discovery and professional development! Whether you’re looking to build your brand, select a vendor option or engage with other like-minded women, this dynamic tour offers an empowering experience to help you become the successful, confident version of yourself that you’ve always dreamed of.



  • Vendor space

  • Catered Meal

  • 1 ticket

  • Added to Vendor Directory Page

Anna Kat Craft Studio


  • Vendor Space

  • Catered Meal

  • 2 tickets 

  • Women With Purpose Tour T-shirt

  • Radio Interview

  • Added to our Vendor Directory Page


Sponsor Contributor +
Vendor Table

Join the Women with Purpose Tour and become part of a community of inspiring women! Together, we can ignite purposeful change and create a better world. We invite you to become a sponsored speaker and share your story with the world.

Vendor Conference Inquiries

For vendor inquiries, please fill out the form below. Include your name, business name, email address, phone number, and state which tour date(s) you'd like to attend as a vendor.  



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